Amazing Asian Cocktails

Treat your palate to a new and exotic kind of adventure with drink mixology from our Eastern brethren. With traditional Chinese and Japanese ingredients such as sake rice wine, lychee fruit and Midori liqueur, cocktails from the East are as unique and flavoursome as the cuisine. Hugo Chetcuti’s bartenders at Bacco by Hugo’s have compiled a collection of the best from Asia; have a look below and see if anything tempts your taste-buds.

Lychee Martini

Delicious and sweet, this beverage is a fruity blend of lychee liqueur, lychee juice, grapefruit bitter, a dash of lime and a few ounces of vodka. Lychees taste faintly of grapes and watermelon, with a slight hint of strawberry and pear. This fragrant and lush fruit is mainly produced by the Chinese, along with various other Asian countries and the Indian Subcontinent.

Japanese Slipper

This shimmering green cocktail looks like liquid emerald poured into a stylish triangular cocktail glass. It’s beautiful on the outside and the inside, with a taste that’s high in fruit content. A perfect drink for the oncoming warm spring season, it’s a combination of vodka mixed with blueberries, grapefruit and elderflower cordial.

Hugo Chetcuti recommends: The Chinese Garden Cocktail

A rich and tempting concoction infused with currant vodka and sake, this drink is also laced with coriander, ginger and lime for a spicy kick and a zesty tang that lingers on your palate. A final ingredient is Fever-Tree ginger beer to add a subtle botanical flavour.


As the name implies, this is a cocktail for the brave and adventurous. The champagne adds some kick and bubbliness to the drink, blended neatly with sake and passion fruit. Perhaps the most interesting ingredient here is the addition of Chinese five spice for a warm, savoury taste.

The Temple

We bow down to this coconut, lime, passionfruit and lychee fruit fest, mixed in with vodka and sake. The rice wine goes wonderfully with the citrusy flavours, rounded off with a dash of lychee juice to enhance the final, lingering taste.

Hugo Chetcuti invites you try all of these cocktails – and more – at Bacco Sticks & Sum in St. Julian’s, situated right on the Paceville steps. We also strongly advise that you ask a member of staff about our special cocktails in case you feel like treating yourselves. Don’t forget to have a look at our food menu as well, so that you can pair your drinks with some tasty dim sum or home-made noodles.

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