Beautiful Bali

As Hugo Chetcuti well knows, sometimes travelling far outside your comfort zone and exploring new horizons is not only exciting but also beneficial to your personal growth (not to mention your Instagram follower count…). Of all the amazing places to be found in Asia, Bali is definitely a top spot. In case you’re at a loss for where to fly this summer, here are a few factoids about this idyllic island from Hugo Chetcuti and team.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

As island dwellers ourselves, we Maltese are very familiar with how impressive and awe-inspiring the ocean can be. However, we’re a bit short on waterfalls, which is one of the reasons why the cascades of Sekumpul are definitely worth a visit. It’s definitely a trip for the most active amongst us, as there’s a 40 minute hike until you finally arrive; part of this destination’s charm is that it’s quite secluded from other tourists sites. The beautiful sunshine and frequent rainbows just add to this spot’s allure.


In many ways, the town of Ubud can be considered the culture heart of Bali. Not only is it home to one of the island’s royal families; it’s also the perfect country getaway, with mountains, green countryside and lush valleys. There are also old palaces, temples and musuems, as well as art galleries and souvenir shops.

Tanah Lot Temple

This religious retreat is one of the most popular and stunning sights in Bali. It’s found on a giant rock on the south coast of the island, and many tourists wait for a low tide to come in before sailing out to take a sunset snapshot of the complex.

The dinosaur head of Nusa Penida

Okay, it’s not an actual dinosaur head – it’s actually a grassy peninsula jutting out from the island of Nusa Penida with a rather interesting shape. It became popular after someone posted a photo of it on the Internet a couple of years ago, making Nusa Penida even more attractive to tourists. There are also great diving sites where sharks, Manta Rays and all kinds of reefs can be seen.

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