The Soul of Seoul

If you’re looking to visit a city that’s buzzing with life and non-stop excitement, Seoul definitely fits that description. The capital of South Korea has so much to offer; from delicious food to museums and markets, there’s something to suit every type of holiday-goer. Hugo Chetcuti and team have assembled the very best of what lies within this vibrant city.

Spend a day at Lotte World

This massive recreation complex is actually the largest indoor theme park that exists. It’s impossible to get bored of this place – there are swimming pools, a haunted house and numerous thrill rides. There’s also an outdoor “Magic Island”, a section which consists of a monorail, a giant swing, a rollercoaster and much, much more.

The Demilitarized Zone or “DMZ”

At a glance, this site doesn’t sound too appealing – after all, Bill Clinton once referred to it as “the scariest place on Earth”. Despite this, it happens to be one of the most popular tourist draws in the country. The DMZ is the four kilometre border that separates South Korea from the North – it’s the most heavily fortified and guarded strip of land on the planet. There are actually guided tours which take visitors around views, observatories and lookout points.

The Silent Disco

If you’re a regular at one of Hugo Chetcuti’s establishments, it’s likely you’re quite the clubber – which is why you’re sure not to be disappointed by the Silent Disco. It’s a parade that takes place every few weekends in Norita Park, where clubbers wear headphones and have a noiseless party along the streets of Hongdae.

NANTA – Korea’s number one performance

NANTA (or Cookin’) makes for a truly unique theatre experience, guaranteed to be unlike any other entertainment you’ve enjoyed. It’s a non-verbal comedy show that made a splash back in 1999, when it won an award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for best performance. Audiences have been known to have cabbage and carrot pieces thrown at them, as well as being dragged on stage to participate! Ah well – some are born to entertain, and others to be entertained…

Dialogue in the Dark

An awareness raising exhibition, Dialogue in the Dark was initally founded in 1988 to confront prejudice against the visually impaired. These days it takes place in over 20 different countries; vistors wonder around in complete darkness with blind guides telling them where to go and what to do, creating an interesting role reversal.

Our Seoul platter at Bacco Sticks & Sum, one of Hugo Chetcuti’s most popular eateries in St. Julian’s, is just one of our special dishes that we have named after some of the greatest cities in Asia. Savour skewers with marinated Argentinian ribeye beef, together with tomato herb and soya sauce. Pair them with some juicy steamed dumplings for the full pan-Asian experience!

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